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If you usually use Facebook chat, we recommend you to install Facebook Messenger because it allows you to send and receive messages via Facebook, in fact it is the official app.

The application offers us an easy way to share photos and our location. It even offers multiconference chat sessions to chat with several contacts at the same time.

We'll be able to configure it to receive a buzz each time you receive a message and, by that way, use it as if it was Whatsapp. You'll be able to answer using common SMS if you think that person is not online when you are answering.

Facebook Messenger is a must have for any user out there using Facebook at anytime. It's a really comfortable way to chat with Facebook friends.
Facebook Messenger now lets you share your Live Location

Facebook Messenger is still hell-bent on adding features left, right, and center every week or so. Last week we got emoji reactions and chat mentions, and now there's a new addition that's as useful as it is controversial: you can share your location in real time.
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Facebook Messenger adds reactions and mentions to chats

Facebook Messenger is one of the most important chat apps and is in a constant turf war with WhatsApp and to a lesser extent Telegram. Messenger's strategy to keep itself constantly in vogue is by rolling out new features every few weeks. Though its recent addition of disappearing posts appears to be a dud, today it's got two new bits of flair to decorate your chats: emoji-based reactions and the option to mention people with pings in group chats.
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Facebook to incorporate ads into Messenger

Facebook has been rolling out continuous novelties on Messenger in recent months. The arrival of Instant Games to the app was a big step forward in an attempt to dominate the chat app market, as was also the appearance of Snapchat-esque filters. The importance of Messenger is enormous and the Redmond company certainly wasn't going to let an opportunity pass to squeeze a bit of profit out of it – which is why soon we'll start seeing ads on Facebook Messenger.
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